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How do I enter a Mixed Martial Arts competition?

There are many ways this can be achieved, if you are currently training at a martial arts gym you can simply ask your coaches if they can help get a fight lined up and your coaches should have fight promoter contacts if the gym your training at competes in mix martial arts competitions. Your trainers will know when you are ready for your first fight. Now you also have to contact the state’s athletic commission in the state you plan on fighting in to get information about requirements they need from you as a fighter. Most states require a fighter’s license, blood work, checking for HIV, HEP-B and HEP-C and /or CBC and PT/PTT testing. You will also need a sports physical and an eye exam all performed by medically licensed physicians. Once all of your medical requirements are cleared by the state’s athletic commission you are ready to fight in that state. Now every state has their own rules, regulations and requirements so each state you compete in could be different then the last.

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